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  • 2016 Archives

    Edmonton Expo 2016

    We look forward to one of our favorite local conventions again! This year, we will have our cosplay booth set up and will be more available to talk to people and share our work!

    Ptarmicon 2016

    We are honored and excited to be invited to Ptarmicon as cosplay guests! Very much looking forward to being involved with hosting cosplay workshops with worbla and foam.

    Calgary Comic Expo 2016

    Debuted our Yuna and IFrit cosplays at our booth in cosplay corner! We brought the Tardis and set her up in her full glory and she received a TON of attention.

  • 2015 Archives

    Edmonton comic Expo 2015

    Enjoyed the convention as attendees, and participated in the Cosplay contest where we wont Best in Show and Best Master Craftsmanship awards for our X-Men cosplays. We also wore our Emma Frost & Sebastian Shaw cosplays from X-men on the Friday! Great convention, we really enjoy all the extra breathing room and space in their convention center.

    DragonCon 2015

    Debuted our X-Men costumes Mystique, Magneto, and with a fiend as Beast. The trio of awesome! Despite the incredible heat, we survived an amazing photo shoot with  XXXX. The cosplay Night at the Aquarium was such a highlight experience! Definitely will be returning to this con SOON!

  • 2014 Archives

    Animethon 2014

    SanDiego Comic Con 2014

    Danced around in our dragons with our friend as Denarys for the weekend mostly! We entered the costume contest and received Best in Show with our Game of Thrones Dragons!

    Debuted at the masquerade our Game of thrones dragons Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon!

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