About the Silver Lining

Lindsey, known as 'Silver Lining" and her husband Richard known as "Devouring Dark", are married cosplayers and costume designers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Together they create and wear amazing displays of characters from various pop-culture genres.


Lindsey has always been the creative art personality. Her beginnings into costume making started while coaching summer camps creating pirates, ninjas, and various other make-believe outfits for kids. She has long been attending comic, anime, and sci-fi conventions, and drawing on that inspiration she grew into the pop-culture cosplay track very quickly.


As her portfolio diversified and talent grew, she started to accept work commissions for theatre, TV, and mascot costumes. She spent 3 years in California, associating with the movie industry and utilizing its resources, materials, and prospects to learn further. Lindsey has also worked on projects with television networks such as G4TV, and independent short films.


Once moving back to Canada, her costume making scaled back to a hobby level to better maintain balance in life. Here her talent continues to thrive on making challenging and unique costumes, props, and makeup creations.


Richard has been a pop-culture attendee for as long as Lindsey has, and they first met at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. He has added to the creative process his experience in machining, electrical, trades, and casting. And now their builds shine with precision and technical achievements.


Together Lindsey & Richard travel to various pop-culture conventions where they display their finished costume works, and often compete in master cosplay competitions. They also offer construction workshops, as well as inspirational panels, to try to give back to the community and share their knowledge, as their role models gave that same kindness to them when they got started.


They continue to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of their knowledge and experience in costume creation and design.


Lindsey Bowden

Silver Lining


  • Grew up in Calgary, AB
  • Favorite Fandoms: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy

Our Studio


  • Costume Construction Workshops
  • Hosting Panels: Craftsmanship, Inspirational, and Design
  • Vending: Cosplay Accessories, Jewelry, Apparel, and Props
  • Contest Judging
  • Display pieces – Full-sized Dr. Who Tardis, Props, Static Display Costumes.

Charity Information


Richard Bowden

Devouring Dark


  • Born in Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • Werewolf fan since childhood
  • Favorite Fandoms: Doctor Who, Firefly, Star Trek, Kung Fury

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